Friday, May 2, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different

I just love Monty Python … but I digress even by my standards!

Earlier this week I met the lovely Shelia from Cobalt Lillya new jewellery design company – look at the lovely ring she made me. I love it and as soon as her web site is up and running I will give you a link …

Anyway it inspired me to share with you some of my creations

The big one was made a while ago – I just loved this big bead when I saw it and somehow it just jumped into my shopping basket! The other two were made last night – while watching how not to work in the card business courtesy of the Apprentice. The Apprentice has to be one of my favourite programmes at the moment along with the follow up programme on BBC2 with Adrian Childs.

I am looking forward to the long weekend – fingers crossed for some great weather and for some good crafting time. I hope to catch up with lots of friends and I have quite a few cards to make for the next couple of weeks. I had better get busy!

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jakey said...

Oh, how gorgeous are these...!! And look at the lovely marine colours :-) Link as soon as poss pls!

jk x