Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just a quick post to show you some work in progress...
Some stars for some stars :-)

I have been directing the village panto and tonight is our opening night. If you find yourself in the Eaton Bray area do come along and see Star Wreck, 2009 A Space Oddity, It should be a giggle and you will certainly be seeing some stars. Do get in touch if you want the details.

These are some of the elements of a batch of 50 thank you cards I need for all the wonderful people who are making the panto possible. I now have made most of the elements, just a little stamping to go and then assembly, before the longest job of all - writing them! I dont know about you but if I have a large batch of cards to do, I find it quicker to make all the parts first, so stamp all the images, cut them all out etc etc.

Do check back soon to see the final card

Happy Crafting

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