Thursday, September 3, 2009

Learn Something New

I love taking the Learn Something New Every Day Class from Shimelle for lots of reasons, but mostly as it encourages me to stop, reflect and notice what is going on around me. Starting the year before last I keep a ‘What I learnt today’ journal for about 18 months and only stopped when I was going through major changes with work and started capturing that huge journey differently. I have missed it and now that just over a year has passed since the big changes took place for me I am ready to start noticing what I am learning again.

I kind of have three major lessons across the two days of September so far. The first is that I am no better at keeping up with the creative side of this despite this being my third year! I do have a cunning plan for this though and hope that by the weekend I will have put it into place. I am going to print out some photos at a standard size – more than I will use. I will then cut some papers in standard sizes and work out different ways of combining them. Then all I will need to do each day is select a photo and papers, stick and journal. So expect a lot of clean lines in my journal this year!

Now for a bit of a catch up

September 1

Today I learnt that late night conversations can lead to exciting ideas and difficulty sleeping.

September 2
Today I learnt that one year on there are still new paths opening up all the time and this still excites me.
I wonder what leasons tomorrow will bring!
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