Monday, October 26, 2009

LSNED September

I have loved doing this project this month and there are some more general lessons I have learnt too, ones that cant be tied to a specific day. Here are a few

  1. How amazing Joe's kids are and how much they have grown up. They have had a lot to deal with recently and I am very proud of them
  2. I dont yet have a routine that works for me and my sleep suffers
  3. I am still excited about new adventures
  4. I dont have any great autumn pictures
  5. I need to spend more time with my firends

I am also pleased to say that my daily entries in my album are all done - I just need to decorate the covers and do a title page. I think I will also add these more general lessons as I have a few pages spare.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I hope you have enjoyed it, I certainly did even if there were some way less than enjoyable days along the way.


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humel said...

Hi Bekka, thanks for dropping by my blog - I've been reading yours since LSNED but haven't been commenting, sorry... But I really like your pages :-)