Sunday, April 20, 2008

Home is where …

How would you finish this sentence?

At the moment I am living away from home during the week and the whole concept of home is once that I have been thinking about a lot recently. I have been following Shimelle’s class
There’s No Place Like Home. There are loads of great projects in it and some wonderful prompts. While I am away I don’t have access to many craft supplies so I have made myself a notebook to work through the prompts in. I have decorated the pages with some little houses. Sometimes I find myself writing stories in response to the prompts, other times just planning projects I will do in the future.
One of the prompts asked us where we consider our home to be and with all the travel I am doing here is my rather flippant answer!

Apart from this its been a craft free week :-(

So now the chores are mostly done and I have caught up on my emails, I am just off to make some cards …

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mmwwaahh211 said...

hia, thanks for the congrats message! : )

I love your shimmelle book, especially the cover, it's gorgeous. sigh, oh how I wish for a BIA!

Lighthousegirl said...

Thank you :-) I would love a BIA too - one day! This was made with a notebook from Paperchase - I have been practicing opening out the rings and putting the books back together.