Monday, December 8, 2008

Journal your Christmas - Day 7

Hi there

Here is yesterday's postcard for my Christmas Journal. I am going to be playing catch up for a few days due to work committments but more soon ...

The journaling reads

Still to do

This year I made a Christmas Planner in good time
Unfortunately I did not make a plan until last weekend
So I still have lots to do!

Out of necessity we are having a frugal Christmas and I am gong to be making a lot of our Christmas Presents which makes the list longer but the gifts should be all the more special because of it. I have made all but about 20 of the Christmas Cards and have planed what I am going to make. I have almost finished one of the scarves I am making and am a good way through the next.

So I still need to finish the cards, the presents, the wrapping and find something special for Joe. Thats before all the last moment stuff ...

One things not to do is panic!
Thanks for looking - see you soon

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Gema said...

This year I am late. I haven't begun to prepare the Christmas. I don't send cards because with the mobile is quicker and cheaper.Nevertheless I liked this tradition but I don't have some time to do it. In this momment I am worried to gifts. I love to found the best gift to each person.