Thursday, December 4, 2008

Journal Your Christmas Days 1 - 4

The very talented Shimelle runs a class called Journal Your Christmas which I took last year. I loved it and it helped me enjoy Christmas last year so I have decided to play along again this year.

I am not making a scrapbook page each day - with everything else I have to get done this month it just would not happen so since the only rule of the classroom is no stressing (about the class - I dont promise not to stress about other things!) I decided to simplify lots. So each day I will make a post card - a photo with some journalling on.
Here are the first four days - I hope you enjoy them :-)

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Kate Lewis said...

WOW! Bekka - this is fabulous! What a wonderful idea - I can't seem to makes the pics bigger so can't real what you've written, but maybe it's personal to you anyway. I wondered how you got the writing on the photos in white? This will be an album to treasure for sure! Kate xxx