Sunday, December 13, 2009

Capturing my Christmas - December 13th

Its becoming something of a tradition that the winner of the X Factor will have the Christmas Number 1 and tonight we found out who that winner is. I actually thought both the final two acts were OK and it will be interesting to see if either of them last, I cant say however that I liked the song they have been given, but no doubt it will be played everywhere for weeks to come.

As a teenager I remember the radio charts countdowns well, each week I would go to my room and eagerly listen to the new chart being announced. What would this week’s top 3 be and who would be number one. Music was something I had to save for so I did not own very much on either tape or record and listening to the Chart Show and watching Top of the Pops were weekly highlights for me. At Christmas the race for the top spot was even more intense and I loved the hype behind it all. That having been said I am not sure I can remember any of the Christmas Number ones from those years!

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PS - yes I had to go and find out so to save you having to google, you can find a list of Christmas Number 1's from the UK here

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