Saturday, December 5, 2009

Capturing my Christmas - December 5th

Today was card class day – I love doing the classes and feel lucky to have such a lovely group of ladies who come to them. Since everyone is so busy at this time of year it was just a select group this month. Today’s theme was last moment Christmas preparations. I felt a bit of a fraud as I am so not ready. I have not finished making my Cards (well there are 200+ to make!), not done any present shopping, not made all the gifts I want to make or even finalised where I am going to be and when! There are lots of projects I had planned (like a countdown calendar) which just are not going to happen now – its going to be enough of a challenge just to get the minimums done.

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Sophie said...

Had a really good day today ... thank you and i will be coming along again :) Soph xx

Anonymous said...

I so admire you for making you own Christmas cards and it almost make me feel bad about not doing cards at all:)