Friday, December 4, 2009

Capturing My Christmas - December 4th

There seems to be a constant push to make Christmas perfect – we seem to be surrounded by pressures telling us what perfection is and how important it is to create a perfect Christmas. But what is perfection? Does it stay the same? Is creating the perfect Christmas a realistic aim? Is this striving for perfection what creates the stress that stops so many of us, myself included, from enjoying the season?

I want to try and accept this season on its own merit and let it define perfection for this year.

Will you join me?



Liberty :) said...

I'll join you! My JYC pages are far from perfect - hence why I am up to date. Things keep going wrong but I've worked around them and decided to just roll with what I have, and move on to the next day! Can't worry about every last detail forever, and you know what, the album is looking pretty perfect to me up to now! That picture is amazing! Soooo cosy!!

Sian said...

Yes! I'm making my pages simple and I'm not fussing over the details. Once you start seeing them together they make an impact anyway..and I love that! That's a gorgeous photo you've used